The Caribbean Breeze Steelband

The Caribbean Breeze Steelband

Caribbean Breeze Steelband

Island sounds – Soca, Reggae, Calypso

Paul Ferrette, limbo dancer/fire eater

Featured on “show” dates only

Dance the night away to the “Sounds of the Caribbean”!  IMAGINE being in the islands, enjoying the warmth of the climate and the
vitality of the music played on beautifully tuned steel pans, made from 55 gallon oil drums. You will enjoy many of your favorites, including
“Jamaica Farewell”, “Hot, Hot, Hot”, “Dollar Wine”, “Matilda” and “Yellowbird”.

FEATURING:  Guest artists including Hal Miller, the renowned drummer from the Carlos Santana band, featuring “Cuban Latin” sounds.  John Joseph, the band leader, has played the steel pan for over 30 years, in his native country of Trinidad, as well as internationally, including Japan and Canada.

The STEEL PAN was invented in Trinidad during WWII. Its roots are African, and is an extension of the interest in drumming. When oil was
discovered on the island,  discarded oil drums were used to create the pan as we know it today. After being cleaned, fired, hammered and tuned,
the steel pan can make orchestral style music.

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