Remember When

Remember When

“Remember When”


In 1961 Remember When was formed and was known as The Chandeliers and performed their first gig at their high school winter carnival.  You could find them under corner street lights, playgrounds, city parks, school hallways, boys bathrooms, and about anywhere else they could get together and “chime” acappella, in four part harmony.

Their fans poured into hotel ballrooms, clubs, city parks, colleges, dance halls, and country clubs to hear those “Golden Oldies”.

The “Long Black Wall” and the “Lone Ranger” were their first recordings.  All of them being Vietnam era veterans, the message in “The Long Black Wall” touched them as no other song, and they wanted to deliver the message to veterans everywhere.

The “Long Black Wall” was written by Bob Belche, a marine veteran, wounded in Vietnam in January 1967.  The “Lone Ranger” was written by George Mahan’ one of the original members of the group, the “Lone Ranger” did work it’s way to the top ten independent billboard charts.

Today Remember When is performing at venues such as Harrisburg art fest, The Carlisle Theater, Carlisle First Night, and other functions in the area.  Ken, Dave, Dick, and Donnie are performing today as one of the Harrisburg areas favorite oldies groups.

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