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amazingamosAmazing Amos is the nation’s foremost Amish magician — perhaps this is because he is the only Amish magician in the nation. So don’t expect frilly tablecloths, silk scarves, slick props and shiny suits. Amazing Amos is more than just an illusion.

With his Pennsylvania Dutch accent, traditional black suit, straw hat and workboots, the bearded magic man takes you on a journey that may even surpass a Lancaster County barn raising.

The Amishman blends his unique style and unusual wit as you join him on his magical, down-home adventures.


The entertainment was a delight. Everyone was amazed at the magic and tricks that Amos and Trixie put in front of us. Our crowd is one that is not easily entertained and i will tell you, we heard only pleasant remarks. I wll close with one further remark, “The Amazing Amos was definitely Amish”. GR

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