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dennis_watkins“Astonishing” – Time Out Chicago

“Mind Boggling” – Chicago Reader

“You’ll Believe in Magic” – Chicago Sun Times

“A Captivating Theatrical Thrill Show”– Chicago Free Press

My comedy magic show is perfect if you want to feature your guests and clients in an exciting way, create a truly unique event with no hassle and no production costs, and relax knowing you’ve produced a truly unforgettable event

Performances run anywhere from 15 minutes to 55 minutes, depending on your needs, and are ideal for audiences of 25-1000 people. All shows are custom-tailored to feature you and your guests through hilarious physical comedy, astonishing magic and mind-blowing mentalism.

Performances include original, one-of-a-kind routines, such as a wild card illusion performed from inside a fully-inflated six-foot balloon! Imagine the reaction from your audience when I read the minds of six people at the same time! Picture a straight jacket escape in which I wager $100 with an audience member that I can not only escape in 30 seconds, but pick his or her pocket from INSIDE the straight jacket!

I specialize in making you and your guests the stars of the show. Would you like your special guest, VIP, or CEO to appear from nowhere, be put in my six-foot guillotine, or be cut in half? Just let me know what you want to see!