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muhammad_aliDwayne has been an ardent Muhammad Ali fan since he was old enough to talk. His father was a huge boxing fan and made watching Ali’s fights a family affair. To everyone’s surprise, Dwayne started gradually looking more and more like the champ after he graduated from college and started to mature – basically he gained a little weight.
Dwayne has been impersonating Ali informally for friends and family over 10 years. He started pursuing professional engagements in late 2002 due to continual prodding by friends, relatives and a multitude of strangers. Dwayne has quickly established himself as the top Muhammad Ali look-alike in the world.

Muhammad Ali was the epitome of showmanship and his interaction with people was paramount. Dwayne captures the essence of the champ with his phenomenal likeness and continual talking – spouting poetry and by making everyone he encounters feel a part of the show. Dwayne’s portrayal of “the greatest athlete of the century” has been achieved from working all kinds of venues, outdoor events, corporate events and a TV commercial.

During his young but fast track into a celebrity impersonator/ look-alike career, Dwayne has worked with several large corporations, including a very large national provider of wireless communications (Can you hear me now?), one of the largest hedge fund firms in the world, and a pharmaceutical company credited with creating insulin for diabetics.

Dwayne’s striking resemblance to the “champ” allows him to get into character by simply changing his voice.