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michaelrosman“Amazing feats of comedy” is the description most often given for Michael’s show. The jokes come non-stop as Michael balances on a board, on a bowling ball, on a table, and juggles torches. But Michael doesn’t do it all alone. Along with his life-size dummy, volunteers (hopefully not dummies), play a large role in his show. They can be found on stage catching everything from bowling balls to Michael himself as he falls off his 6′ unicycle. Whether wearing farm animal noses or demonstrating ineptitude with juggling props, they are clearly having a blast.

In addition to Michael’s exceptional juggling skills, the show contains a steady stream of subtle and not-so-subtle antics that will keep you laughing. Michael alternates between expert and klutz, creating comedy situations using bull whips, bowling balls, and blow guns. He is the only person catapulting bananas into a blender hat, concocting either banana daiquiris or banana milkshakes (whichever is more appropriate for your audience). Michael’s “Amazing Feats Of Comedy” is the show for you.


Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how thrilled we (and our guests) were with the Andy Angel Orchestra at our wedding reception!! It was a wonderful evening! The dinner music was excellent and the dance music was perfect for my “over 50″ crowd.

Thank you for suggesting them. Karen