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gene_galligan_smallGene Galligan is a seasoned performer who wears many musical hats! The repertoire of his shows cover many styles – swing, blues, rock, folk, show tunes, jazz standards and novelty songs. His children’s shows consist of contemporary, traditional and original children’s songs along with his other repertoire.

Gene’s musical puppet show is an ideal family show and combines children’s songs with songs from the 30’s and 40’s to contemporary. His show combines humor and sentimentality. It is a show for the young of heart, from toddlers to grandparents. Galligan says, “Get ’em laughin’, make ’em cry and get ’em laughin’ again!”

Gene has performed in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys for many years, and now through the Clousher Agency is entertaining crowds in other parts of the country. With his one of a kind puppets, Tiki The Mockingbird, Ludwig The Cool Dude and Clatsy Pine (created by Dan Horn) Gene’s show is unique and memorable.