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Jack and JeriYou’ve seen them on TV and in movies… Now sit back and enjoy an “Evening of Ridiculous Feats” by one of the world’s best comedy variety acts!

This is a rare show that ALL ages can enjoy together!

Jack Kalvan is a world class juggler and former engineer who has spent the last 20 years inventing unique ways to entertain people. His wife Jeri is a Hollywood stuntwoman who delights in perilous behavior. Together, they’ll have you on the edge of your seat and rolling on the floor laughing at the same time… if that’s possible.

Prepare to witness scenes like: the Synchronized Flowerpot Drill Team, trick shooting with a tennis ball gun, the Trained Slinky Circus, the world’s largest whoopee cushion, spectacular acrobatics, mind-blowing displays of juggling, and much more!

And now they’re balancing their performing careers with their family life, bringing their children into the act, and making the show more fun than ever.

You’ll laugh! You’ll be amazed! You’ll want to take them home!

Jack and Jeri 2