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Mutts Gone Nuts

Since 1985, comedy duo Scott and Joan Houghton have brought their unique blend of physical comedy and circus arts to audiences from Las Vegas to Tokyo. The husband and wife comedy team spent three years with country star Lee Greenwood at his theater in Tennessee and seven years as the featured comedy act at Dolly Parton’s Theaters in Branson and Myrtle Beach.

In 2005, the duo turned their attention to creating a comedy dog act. Their amazing canine partners are all adopted from shelters and rescues. Spreading the message of animal rescue, this top-notch, family friendly show includes: stunt dogs, dancing dogs, trick dogs, a world class frisbee dog, and even talking dogs!

Expect the unexpected as Mutts Gone Nuts unleash havoc and hilarity as the Houghtons attempt to match wits with their hilarious pack of pooches in a comedy dog thrill show that is leaving audiences howling for more.

Check out these videos of the mutts in action, both outdoors and indoors.