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Ramelle MaCoyHypnotist Ramelle MaCoy has entertained audiences for many company and organization meetings and banquets and at hundreds of schools and colleges in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. “Adventure in Hypnosis” with Ramelle entrances all ages from elementary school children to professional association members.

A former foreign and war correspondent for Time magazine, Ramelle is a world traveler who has lived and worked in Central and South America, Japan, Korea and Europe. He lives now in a 200-year-old stone farm house in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.

Ramelle’s interest in hypnosis dates back to the time when, as a young Naval officer, he saw a hypnotist in a Norfolk, Virginia, theater and was convinced that the hypnotized subjects were all shills. A lot of reading and research finally convinced him that it was indeed real but he still feels empathy for the skeptical members of every audience who refuse to believe.

A professional hypnotist for some thirty years, Ramelle, in addition to stage shows, also conducts stress reduction seminars as well as private sessions for overcoming undesirable habits such as smoking and nail biting.