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robertpriestThe Theater of the Mind is a skilled blend of mindreading and comedy, an act alive with action, laughs and mental challenges. From a remarkable presentation of memorization, an impossible blindfold routine, and attention grabbing whole audience mindreading, the Theater of the Mind is the show for mystery drama and comedy.

This is an act which allows full audience participation as the entertaining thoughts of the audience are read and weaved into an unforgettable entertainment program.


I never thought I would believe that someone can be a mind reader, but what I saw last night from Robert Priest was amazing. I have no clue how he does that. I can’t believe he had any tricks, because he used unsuspecting people from the audience. I know they weren’t in on it. It was great! DF

Brubaker Appliances, Inc

Robert Priest was an excellent choice of entertainment. I like the way he made our company part of his presentation. He had the audience’s complete attention with his amazing talent. BK