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sounds_of_yesteryearSounds of Yesteryear is an awesome band that plays all the great music of yesteryear. As a dixieland band, they specialize in grand openings, promotions, fund raisers, picnics, and other similar events.

With a wardrobe change, the group transforms into a classy variety dance band, that plays the very best in swing music, standards, and the golden oldies of yesteryear. This combination is available for country clubs, dances, concert series, and more.

A female vocalist is added to round out the band on various performances for great vocals & excellent harmonies.

The band is currently only available in the Virginia and North Carolina areas.


Hi Fred: WE LOVE THIS BAND ! They did an excellent job !!! (as always)
They sang “Hello Dolly” – I’m looking for the words that Mort wrote to that song – “Hello Ollie” !
Thanks so much for all of your help !!!
Please tell Rick and the gang that I love working with them “cause they make me look good” !!! MK

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