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Image-(36)Tall In The Saddle, a country band based in York, PA has been together for 28 years. Some of the band’s personnel has changed over the years, but with their love for country music, playing both traditional and the new country, the band has survived the changing times.

The group’s leader is Stan Clark, pictured, lovingly known to everyone as “Chili Bear”. He plays the drums, but is also the lead vocalist. He has a flair for singing a country song and puts 110% into the band and its music. Stan’s brother Gordy joins them on stage when a pedal steel guitar is needed to round out that country sound.

Through the years, the group has shared the stage with many of the stars of Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry. The basic makeup of today’s group is keyboard, guitar, bass & drums, and they feature 50’s & 60’s rock & roll in addition to country music.