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Todd CharlesTodd Charles takes the stage with a fast paced and high-energy blend of variety comedy that makes his show truly unique. Todd’s creative vision combines his talents as a comedian, musician, juggler, and magician, resulting in a stage show that captivates audiences all over the world!

“When I saw Todd, I laughed out loud! I knew right away…he was perfect for my show.” – Merv Griffin

“Wahoo Baby!” – Revue Show, Atlantic City, NJ

“He does so much! It’d be easier to list the things he doesn’t do!” – Phil Balsley (of the Statler Brothers)

“We’re looking forward to seeing Billy again!” – Sabina Barach, Coordinating Producer, WNEW, FOX

From off-Broadway to national TV, Todd Charles’ stage show combines backgrounds in stand-up and musical comedy, theatre, circus arts, and music. You may find him spinning a tale or a tune, balancing a ladder or a chair on his chin, spinning plates on his Viking helmet, or spinning a ball on his banjo while playing it!

Accompanied by his own studio-produced soundtrack, Todd takes you to the islands for a little Jamaican juggling and to the Far East to experience the art of the Chinese Diablo. Then, it’s on to a mystery storybook land, a land far, far away, inside of his musical Hand-Shadow Theatre! There, he performs over a dozen Hand-Shadow Impressions on cue, while narrating an hilarious fictional story from beside the shadow screen!

This is a show full of sharp wit, whimsical fun, and wonderful things like crashing cymbals, American flags, raining confetti, and rock and roll! With cameos by Ed Sullivan, Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.”, President Nixon, and Bart Simpson, the audience will never know what’s next! There’s even a juggling rabbit and an opera singing elephant!

Throughout the show, Todd treats the crowd to a bit of serious foot-stompin’ banjo! To that, he adds just the right touch of magic and audience participation, which may include an on-stage assistant chosen from the audience.

Todd rounds out the show with his own hearty rendition of “Dueling Banjos”, in which he duels with the audience, a burping baby, and barn-yard animals that sing on cue and zoom around his head on a spinning helmet, leaving the audience roaring with side splitting laughter!