Dennis Watkins

Dennis Watkins

Dennis Watkins

Award Winning Magician & Entertainer


– Time Out Chicago

“Mind Boggling”

– Chicago Reader

“You’ll Believe in Magic”

– Chicago Sun Times

“A Captivating Theatrical Thrill Show”

– Chicago Free Press

My Comedy Magic Show is perfect if you want to:

  • Feature your guests and clients in an exciting way
  • Create a truly unique event with no hassle and no production costs
  • Relax knowing you’ve produced a truly unforgettable event

Performances run anywhere from 15 minutes to 55 minutes, depending on your needs,  and are ideal for audiences of 25-1000 people.

All shows are custom-tailored to feature you and your guests through hilarious physical comedy, astonishing magic and mind-blowing mentalism.

Performances include original, one-of-a-kind routines, such as a wild card illusion performed from inside a fully-inflated six-foot balloon!
Imagine the reaction from your audience when I read the minds of six people at the same time!

Picture a straight jacket escape in which I wager $100 with an audience member that I can not only escape in 30 seconds, but pick his or her pocket from INSIDE the straight jacket!
I specialize in making you and your guests the stars of the show. Would you like your special guest, VIP or CEO to appear from nowhere, be put in my six-foot guillotine, or be cut in half? Just let me know what you want to see!

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